Tenant Rights

Q.1. What are the rights and responsibilities of the tenant and landlord?

Landlord-Tenant laws vary across Canada but there are general issues which are common. The rights and responsibilities should be clearly understood before entering into any lease agreement. These issues include such things as: landlord’s rights to enter the property; emergencies and repairs; regular repairs; complaints, lease renewals.These rights and responsibilities apply to all apartments, retirement homes, and long-term care facilities.

Q.2. What are my rights as a tenant?

Once again these rights vary in different Provinces and Territories of Canada but there are basic rights guaranteed by law. You cannot be denied rental for discriminatory reasons. Once you have your rental property you have the right to: a safe home; vital services; heat; privacy; controlled rent increases; protection from unlawful eviction; right to have your children living in your home; written copies of all relevant documents.